Thursday, 28 June 2007

Sydney's Lyons House to be included in Homes Group Tour of Canberra

Dr and Mrs Lyons, of the Lyons House in southern Sydney, have offered to open their doors for the Homes Group tour of Boyd homes in the ACT. This means that the weekend will now include a day in Sydney as well as the day in Canberra. The Lyons house is unique in as much as it was Boyd's only commission in Sydney. In terms of selecting an architect, Dr Lyons recalls advice he was given at the time: 'In Sydney it's Harry Seilder. In Melbourne you talk to Robin Boyd'. So how did Boyd end up with a Sydney project? I'm sure Dr Lyons will continue that hilarious story (it gives a great insight into the very different ways these architects viewed the architect/client relationship).

Many thanks to the Lyons! More soon on dates and itinerary.

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