Saturday, 8 March 2008

Boyd House II Stars in Upcoming Shag Show

The Outré Gallery in Melbourne got in touch to let us know that two paintings, inspired by the Boyd House II, are being exhibited with many others late this month in Perth and next month in Melbourne and Sydney. American artist Josh Agle (a.k.a. Shag) has painted these works specifically for the exhibition and has previously painted a number of works inspired by Australian architecture. Outré Gallery tell me they have held exhibitions and events in conjunction with the Sydney Opera House and Rose Seidler House/ Historic Houses Trust of NSW (they are so onto it in Sydney. As mentioned on SaveBoydHouse, we could learn a lot from the NSW Government's approach to C20th heritage. There’s still time…!).

There’s no doubt the works celebrate Boyd’s second home – I would recognise that suspended roof, floating living room, glazed wall courtyard and those Featherston chairs anywhere. I suppose this affirms the iconic place of this property in Australian popular culture (and, in my books, that can only be a good thing).

For more information on dates and the openings click here or email Outré at .