Friday, 23 May 2008

The Eltringham House (1968-9), 12 Marawa Place, Aranda, Recommended for ACT Heritage Listing

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Tim Reeves sent me a message this week to advise that the Eltringham House has been recommended for a heritage listing in the ACT. The full report can be read here.

The following is an extract from the report:

Statement About The Heritage Significance of the Place

"The house at 12 Marawa Place, Aranda, is significant is a well-preserved example of late 1960s residential architecture. The setting and the architecture combine to produce a building of integrity, illustrative of modern architecture. The house exhibits creative and artistic excellence in the Late Twentieth-Century Regional style, and is aesthetically significant for its freely composed simple shapes juxtaposed with fine detailing, all expressed in the textural and tactile qualities of natural materials. 12 Marawa Place, Aranda, exhibits the principal characteristics of modern residential architecture in a National Capital Development Commission ‘Radburn’ planned neighbourhood suburb, with its appropriate human scale and functional domestic planning. The house is also significant for its association with the housing of high-level public servants in Canberra.

As a design in the Late Twentieth-Century Regional style of architecture, the house is significant because it is the only example of Boyd’s work in this style in Canberra, and is the last of a small number of residences designed by Boyd in Canberra, one of Australia’s important architects. It is a good example of Boyd’s work, as identified by the RAIA. Robin Boyd was recognised for his contribution to architecture, awarded the Order of the British Empire – Commander (Civil) in 1971, the RAIA Gold Medal in 1997, made a Life Fellow of the RAIA and an Honorary Fellow of the AIA, and listed as one of 200 in ‘The People Who Made Australia Great’ in 1988. 12 Marawah Place, Aranda, has been acknowledged for many years as a distinctive example of architecture by professional bodies, and has been included in Boyd’s own publication about his work. It continues to fulfil its original purpose and its planning remains innovative and sound".

We’ll keep readers posted on the progress of the listing as the information comes to hand.

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